Are you an idiot?

So, I'm watching ESPN this morning, and I guess it's the current fad to just call yourself an idiot. Phil Mickelson, one of my fave golfers, lost one of the biggest tournaments of the year last week -- on the final hole.

“I am such an idiot. I just couldn't hit a fairway. I just couldn't hit a fairway all day. . . . I just can't believe I couldn't par the last hole. It really stings.”

Then, the USA soccer team was elmimated from the World Cup tournament this week in Germany. They had no wins, one tie, and two goals for the entire time that they were there. There was a lot of hype also leading up to the World Cup. Bruce Arena, the head coach said this
"Four years ago I was completely burnt out after that whole thing. I was a zombie for about two weeks," he said. "Right now, I'm just an idiot."

This really got me thinking, "Am I an idiot?" I googled this phrase and low and behold, there is this website to help me answer this important question. I took the test and I'm happy to say that YES I am an idiot!
At least I'm in good company. Idiots unite!