#AAFP2013 Show Wrap-up

What a show we had last night! Thanks go out to our pal Dr. Kim Yu who really did a great job getting people to talk with me at The National Conference on Mike Sevilla Radio Show Episode 312. You'll see in the video above that she opened the show and she closed the show with her perspective as a first time attendee to The National Conference. 

During the course of this action packed 90 minute show, I interviewed A LOT of people including AAFP President Dr. Jeff Cain; AAFP President-Elect Dr. Reid Blackwelder; and AAFP Board Members Bob Wergin, Sarah Marks, and Aaron Meyer. All in all, I did just over a dozen interviews in that time span. Now, I had no idea who was coming on the line - so I improvised the whole thing. Hopefully, it's interesting to all of you out there. Was a really fun challenge for me!

Interviews during Mike Sevilla Radio Show Episode 312: 

Kim Yu opens the show - 11:20 (11 minutes, 20 seconds into the show)

Reid Blackwelder - 14:30; including talking why National Conference is important

Sarah Marks  - 19:14

Margarette Shegog  - 22:10

Bob Wergin - 26:21; including talking Congress of Delegates

Aaron Meyer - 33:34; including talking Family Medicine Congressional Conference

Molly & Jeremy from Nevada - 41:49

Greg Lewis - 48:21

Kevin Bernstein - 51:18; including talking AAFP Foundation

Melody Jordahl - Iafrato - 1:00:00

Andrew Lutzkanin - 1:04:44

Jeff Cain - 1:16:01; including talking about FamMedPac

Kim Yu closes the show - 1:22:34; including talking NCSC

You can listen to the entire audio podcast in the player above or below. You can also download the audio podcast here and listen anytime. I also encourage you to subscribe to the podcast, subscribe to the blog, follow me on twitter, follow me on facebook, check out my linked-in page, and view my youtube page. Enjoy!