#CFHA13: Pecha Kucha


Last night in Denver, was one of the best opening sessions that that Collaborative Family Healthcare Association annual meetings has even seen (in my humble opinion lol). The Pecha Kucha presentation style requires 20 slides at 20 seconds each in which the slides advance automatically.

What follows below are the presentations focused on the presenter. I apologize for not having the accompanying slides as a part of this blog post. I'll try to work with the meeting organizers to also get the corresponding slides with the presentations. But, what I thought was the best part of these talks are the people themselves. 

Each one of these presenters never prepared a talk like this before, and they worked very hard not only before this meeting, but also hours before show time during the rehearsal sessions in which some of these talks were sharpened to what you see below. See more of my videos at MikeSevilla.TV Enjoy...