Previewing Austin #AF4Q 2013 Meeting

Later this week in Austin, I'll be moderating a superstar panel on the topic of Social Media and the Power of Influence. This will be at the Annual Meeting of Aligning Forces For Quality which is associated with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. I have never heard of this group until now, and I'm really looking forward to meeting new people and talking about how we can make this health care system better.

The panel is "Breakout Session 1" (of course) and it is entitled "Influence Through Social Media: Trust, Share, Engage" The description of the panel on the website is as follows: 

  • Social Media is an undeniable force in health care decision-making, advocacy, and communication. Increasingly, it is a way of turbo-boosting your influence in the field and in the conversation, making connections you otherwise could not have made and building a following for your efforts. It is a natural source of collective influence and collaboration.
  • The place to connect: 65 percent of online adults use social networking sites
  • Deeper engagement: Nearly 90 percent of those ages 18-24 would engage in health activities or trust information found via social media
  • Opportunity to personalize encounters and gather data: One out of three consumers said they would be comfortable having their social media monitored if that data could help them identify ways to improve their care or better coordinate their care
  • New expectations: More than 75 percent of consumers expect health care entities to respond within a day or less to social media appointment requests, and nearly half expect a response within a few hours
  • How can you tap into this vein of influence? And how do you quantify its impact? Come find out what the landscape looks like and how you can maximize your impact through social media
  • The panelists follow below...


Ed Bennett


Susana Shephard



Alicia Staley

  • CEO of Akari Health which is a start-up patient engagement company
  • Three time cancer survivor
  • Contributor to Breast Cancer Social Media (#BCSM) Community
  • Slides from presentation

I talked about this Austin meeting along with this panel on my most recent podcast which  was Episode 317 of the Mike Sevilla Radio Program. In the video above, you'll see the segment of the podcast where I talk about this upcoming panel. You can listen to the entire audio podcast in the player above, or you can download the episode here and listen anytime.

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