Kids Juuling At School: What You Need To Know

Facts about Juuling Parents Need To Know

  • Juuling = Smoking
  • Small Enough To Hide In Your Hand
  • Kids Believe They Are Safe
  • One Juul Pod = 1 Pack Of Cigarettes
  • Can Lead To Lung Damage, Cancer, and Addiction

Do you know what "Juuling" is? Well, your kid does, and he or she has probably tried it, and you don't even know it. Of course, kids don't say they smoke these days, because it's not cool. The term "vaping" has bubbled up in the past couple of years, but kids have now moved on from that. The term now is "juuling," and the scary part is that smoking, vaping, and juuling - they all mean the same thing - the intake of nicotine.

Juuling is another name for e-cigarettes, and kids and adults are noticing them because they are the fastest growing e-cigarette in the US market. Why are they so popular? The first reason is that they are so small and easy to hide - from, say, school officials. They look like a computer flash drive, and, in fact, they can charge in a computer USB port. Secondly, they're popular because they're flavored with names like creme brûlée, cool cucumber, and mango. And, the most important reason they're popular is because of the perception that they're safe. Kids say, "I mean, I'm not even smoking or vaping. I'm juuling."

We're now starting to see research studies that are confirming our health fears. In March 2018, there was a study in the journal "Pediatrics" which showed that teenagers using e-cigarettes are exposing themselves to chemicals which may cause cancer. The Surgeon General of the United States has already outlined the other potential health dangers like Brain Risks and Addiction. 

What is a parent to do today? I advise three things. First, learn more about e-cigarettes, vaping, and juuling by checking out the facts at the Surgeon General website. Secondly, I'd have a dialogue with your child and start by asking them what they know about juuling. And, finally, emphasize to your child that juuling still means using nicotine, and the health and addiction dangers that go with it.