Ohio Issue 2: Drug Price Relief Act

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I've been getting a lot of questions from my patients on Ohio Issue 2, the Drug Price Relief Act. Many believe this November 7th ballot issue will be the most expensive in Ohio history. All Ohioans have been seeing the television ads for the past few months. And, each side is accusing the other of deceptive advertising. 

What does Issue 2 say? Issue 2 would require the state of Ohio to pay the same, or lower prices for prescription drugs as the VA (meaning the US Department of Veterans Affairs).

Why is Issue 2 controversial? It's controversial because the voters in Ohio are confused about what actually will happen if Issue 2 passes. Will it actually lower drug prices? This is a key point that cannot ultimately be answered. In the research I have done, experts state that "there are too many variables" in play to predict whether drug prices will actually decrease.

My Bottom Line: I encourage you to check out the websites and videos below and make your own determination. For me, I still have many questions about Issue 2, and I'm not convinced that Issue 2 will lower the price of drugs for my patients. I am going to be voting No on Issue 2. 

Resources for you to read and to view on Ohio Issue 2:

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