New Year First Step: Visit Your Family Doc

Happy New Year! It's always interesting the first day back in the office for the new year. "Hey, doc! Gimme some advice on how to improve my health!" I told my patients today that they are already taking the best first step: Visit Your Family Doctor.

My number one piece of advice before taking on your aggressive diet and exercise program is this: Visit Your Family Doctor. This is a great opportunity to check in to see where you are at, from a wellness standpoint, with your favorite medical profession.

In addition to a important exam to evaluate your physical health, it's a great opportunity to talk about your family history of medical problems, and what to look out for as we get older. In addition, it's a way to check in on your mental health and well being.

So, as you make your lists for the new year, don't forget to add this very important box to check: Visit Your Family Doctor. Happy New Year!