September 11, 2001: Fifteen Years Later

September 11, 2001 has had a strong effect on my life. It is now 15 years later, and, in some ways, it still feels like yesterday. One of the very interesting things about my 10 year blogging life, is the opportunity to review, re-examine, and re-visit what I was thinking at each of these points. I share these throwback blog posts, podcasts, and videos with you. Some of these are very different, yet so the same.

September 8, 2006: Here is quote from a blog post entitled "National Anthem" -  "The crowd goes from a roar to absolute silence as all of us look to the farthest point of the stadium where the flag is seen in the night sky. And, for a moment, all of us forget about sport, and focus on what is really important"

September 11, 2008: This is my first podcast where I share thoughts about 9/11/2001. It's about a 20 minute program, but these are thoughts really speaking from my heart, and thoughts that I never ever thought I would have a chance to share with an audience. This was originally from Doctor Anonymous Podcast episode 48 from 2008.

September 11, 2010: This is a podcast where I did record the video part as well. Our pal Kat was part of this particular program as well, and I shared my thoughts at the time nine years following 9/11. This was from Doctor Anonymous Podcast episode 182, and I share video from the podcast as well.

September 9, 2013: In this podcast, I share my experience at the 9/11 Memorial in New York City. The video and audio podcasts are below, but I also invite you to check out the corresponding blog post, which includes an accumulation of my tweets while I was at the site. This was from Mike Sevilla Podcast episode 315.