#FMDoctorPose & #FMRevolution Challenge for AAFP Orlando

In the past few days, you have probably seen the television commercial below from the company Cigna. In the ad, they are using the "TV Doctors of America" to try to get you to a real doctor for a checkup (presuming you're on Cigna insurance - HA!) Will it work? We'll see. I've started reading some marketing websites, and I encourage you to check out this article from Advertising Age, about this commercial.

Close to the end of the commercial, Alan Alda utters the line, "Doctor Poses," to the other tv doctors, and you get the photo above. This really made me think. What would Family Medicine Doctor Poses look like? Sounds like a fun challenge for my friends in the Family Medicine Revolution (#FMRevolution). And, where would be a great place to do this? How about next week at the AAFP National Meeting in Orlando (hashtags #aafpCOD and #aafpFMX). I Challenge #FMRevolution to take your Doctor Pose Selfie at AAFP Orlando and to use the hashtag #FMDoctorPose and let's have fun with this!

For my friends going to the AAFP Orlando conference next week, I also encourage you to download the conference apps (photos below) for the AAFP Congress of Delegates and the AAFP Family Medicine Experience (FMX). And, as you build your profile, make sure to friend me up. For more information, check out the website of the American Academy of Family Physicians. See you soon in Orlando!