Random Thoughts During A Wedding

I went to a wedding today and it's going to sound weird, but it made me think of a lot of things. First, as I have discussed in a previous blog post, I was raised Roman Catholic, but I admit that calling myself a "practicing Catholic" would not be that accurate. But, being in this church brought back a lot of memories back to my 12 years of Catholic school. Today's wedding ceremony, and going to mass on holidays like Christmas and Easter, these really make me think about going back to church on a regular basis. Will I actually do it this time? We'll see.

Also, this ceremony made me think about my own wedding. Has it been almost 20 years since my own wedding? Where did time go? Going to a wedding ceremony in your 40s is a lot different than in your 20s. Hearing the priest talk about this couple's future really gave me a reality check. Where am I at compared to my wedding day? Have I fulfilled some of my goals and dreams that I had on my wedding day? What goals and dreams have changed since my wedding day almost 20 years ago? It's weird how a wedding really made me in a pensive mood. Maybe, I should just stop going to weddings. Ha!