The Roundtable on Blab.IM for September 7, 2015

Had a great discussion tonight on the Blab.IM platform with my friends Drew Griffin and Sean Dent. We talked about Medicine and Technology on a show that I'm calling (for now) - The Roundtable.

Topic One (2:02): The upcoming Apple Event for September 9, 2015 where it is anticipated that the Apple 6S phone will be announced. I talked about this article from The Verge

Topic Two (27:58): Drew talked about this article entitled "The accidental cure for cancer potentially found as medical trials begin to test it on humans." What could be used to treat cancer? Check out the article and see our discussion on it.

Topic Three (39:49): Sean talked about the re-boot of a classic nursing blog carnival called Change of Shift. We also talked about the use of medicine in social media.

Probably the most fun was not recorded - it was during the preshow, and during the post show. The lucky people on the post show saw our friend Emily Bennett check in and gave us some great ideas for future shows.

Enjoy the replays on the Blab video and YouTube video below. In addition, I also invite you to check out the audio podcast player below, and you can even download the audio podcast here. Enjoy!