Thanks David Letterman

I just watched the final Late Show with David Letterman. This final week of shows, really made me think about the final week of shows of The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. These two gentlemen have shaped by sense of humor for almost my entire 43 years of life. And, they really sparked by dream to become a talk show host like them. With my little podcast and youtube channel, I keep pretending.

So many memories going through my head right now from junior high, high school, college, and all the way through today. Memories of watching the show with my friends, and trying to recreate those jokes and imagining a live studio audience laughing along. I'm going to have to watch that last segment again with all the images of the Dave show through the years. Thanks Dave for all the great years of laughs. He closed out his show with these simple words:

"Thank You and Goodnight..."