Health Is Primary storms into #CES2015

“We will be participating on a panel at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show highlighting how we can reach out to that community of the people doing innovative technology, so that we can be a partner and collaborate with them in identifying and promoting those things that improve health” - Glen Stream, MD, Chair, Family Medicine For America’s Health

If you're intrigued by technology like I am, you may have already been inundated by reports from this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I always love hearing about the latest gadgets, and I'm always curious about any type of gadget applicable to health. However, this year, I am more curious because Family Medicine will also be at this year's show. They will be reaching out to the tech industry and hopefully partner with them on how to improve our nation's health.

About two months ago, in October 2014, I was fortunate to be at the press conference to announce the launch of the "Health Is Primary" campaign. This plan is also known as "Family Medicine For America's Health" where the eight leading Family Medicine organizations in the United States are collaborating to promote these seven strategies to improve the health of every American:

  1. Show the values and benefits of Primary Care
  2. Ensure every person will have a relationship with a trusted Family Physician or other primary care professional, in the context of a medical home
  3. Increase the Value of Primary Care
  4. Reduce health disparities
  5. Lead the continued evolution of the Patient Centered Medical Home
  6. Ensure a well-trained primary care workforce
  7. Improve payment for primary care by moving away from fee for service and towards comprehensive primary care payment

At the October launch, Dr. Glen Stream revealed at the end of the press conference (around 50 minutes at this video) that the "Health Is Primary" team will be participating in a panel at #CES2015 (see quote above). I believe this panel will be Tuesday, January 6, 2015. When I heard this in October, I was very excited, and I'm still excited about this panel. I wish I could be there, and I hope someone is recording this panel to share with all of us.

So, as you are overwhelmed with press releases from #CES2015, I hope that you also keep your eyes open from the "Health Is Primary" team, and their experience there. In addition, "Health Is Primary" messaging will be targeting patients this month in the areas of Nutrition and Exercise. So stay tuned for that. I'm excited to be helping to spread the message using blog posts like this and using the #HealthIsPrimary hashtag. Help #FMRevolution spread the word out there on social media!

For too long, our health care system has been out of balance. Now is the time to embrace the values that make people healthy-the values of family medicine. Join us and, together, let's make America a place where Health is Primary.