Stanford Medicine X: Apply For 2015

Applications are now open for the 2015 Stanford Medicine X E-Patient Scholarship program. Definitely get more information at this link on the MedX website. Get working on it now, because the deadline is November 1, 2014.

I would imagine that applications for speaker and panel presentations will also be announced soon. I may get the courage up to complete one of those applications to have a side panel session or even go for a (gasp) main stage panel discussion. I'll have to get together with my peeps on that one.

Thanks to our pal Chris Snider for including my 2014 MedX thoughts on his most recent podcast talking about the meeting. Check out part one here, and part two (the one where my quote is at) is in the audio player above or at this link, too.

One of the best aspects of MedX are the "E-Patient Ignite" talks in which speakers have just a few minutes to tell their story and to share some slides, if they like. There is an example of a few speakers in the video above. And, let me tell you, these are all well done. They are inspiring, and they usually have twitter abuzz with chatter during and following these talks.

MedX is starting to put some of the main stage speakers, main stage panels, and side panel sessions on their youtube site. If you don't find them there yet, they did archive most of the raw video stream feed on their livestream site. Check out this link to see the end of Friday, most of Saturday, and most of Sunday from the main stage. Thanks MedX for the unprecedented access to conference sessions!

As usually happens, during and following awesome conferences like this one, I have all of these ideas about blog posts to write, podcasts to record, and videos to do. Unfortunately, life and work have gotten in the way of all of these grand plans. I have so many blog posts in "draft" stage that will probably remain unfinished.

Don't get me wrong, this MedX conference recharged my social media passion, but life is preventing these awesome social media ideas into becoming reality. My 2014 MedX Hangover is over, and I'm moving on to other projects, and getting ready for future conferences, particularly the upcoming #AAFP2014 meeting next month...