The Bryan Vartabedian Interview

Dr. Bryan Vartabedian, one of today's most well-known Physician Social Media leaders, unofficially announced his new book on last night's Google Hangout interview (video above). The details will be outlined next week on his website, but I received an exclusive preview of its contents.

"This is a practical guide to life as a doctor in the connected age," Dr. Vartabedian discusses at around eight minutes into the video above. He goes on to state that this book will be an extension of the current content that is on his 33 Charts website. @Doctor_V would not give up the title of the manuscript, only stating that more details will be revealed next week.

Not using the traditional publishing route, we discussed why he chose the E-publishing route. At around 45 minutes into the video, he states that he chose the platform called TinyPass to initially publish and to initially receive feedback from readers. "Publishing is traditionally an endpoint. I see this hopefully as a start. This type of book must evolve as technology evolves." 

We began the video interview above talking about next week's Stanford Medicine X conference in which he will be co-presenting a Master Class on Physician Online Identity with Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson. We agree that there is no other type of conference like this out there in which patients and the patient's point of view are placed front and center. There is certainly value to this, and I am looking forward to my first #MedX conference next week. 

On a personal note, I've been very happy using the Google Hangout format for video interviews. In the past, I have used audio podcasts, particularly the Mike Sevilla Radio Show, of which I have over 300 episodes, to create conversations and have interviews.

In addition to the #MedX interview with @Doctor_V above, I also invite you to check out recent Google Hangout video interviews I've done with #MedX E-patient delegate Meredith Gould and #MedX E-patient advisor Christopher Snider. Hopefully, I will be able to squeeze another interview or two before next week's #MedX conference...