Twitter For Healthcare Professionals

It's always fun to be included in "Top 10" lists, or in this case, a "Top 100" list. eMedCert looks like a startup who is going to be launching some kind of service and/or app in the near future. To help get them some attention, they have done "a great deal of research" to and, last night, named the "Top 100 Twitter Accounts for Healthcare Professionals to Follow."

On their site they state: "A great deal of research went into this, and many outstanding and deserving twitter feeds were left off the list. There will undoubtedly be several accounts not featured on this list that may be more useful to you personally. However, in our opinion, these 100 twitter accounts ultimately proved to offer the most valuable to healthcare professionals in general."

Thanks so much to the site for including me on their list! Here are some other lists that I have been included on: