#AAFP2014: The Vice Speaker Chronicles


Two months ago, at the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians (OAFP) annual meeting, I was elected an officer of the organization. The Vice Speaker position is the entry level position on the road to president of the OAFP.

Tomorrow, I travel to Washington, DC to attend the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) annual meeting. The OAFP officers, along with OAFP general membership will be in attendance at the AAFP Congress of Delegates for the first part of the week, then the AAFP Assembly the second part of the week.

I look forward to this gathering because it's a great opportunity to catch up with long time friends and to meet new people. For the next few days, I will document my observations and opinions in my "Vice Speaker Chronicles."

Here are three observations as I think about tomorrow's commute to the Nation's Capitol:

  • First National Conference as OAFP Officer: This will be a different and new experience of the meeting being an officer and member of the OAFP Executive Committee. I'm very excited about these new roles and responsibilities.
  • #AAFP2014 Social Media Ambassador: As I have mentioned previously, I have volunteered to be what is called a "Social Media Ambassador" for this year's AAFP meeting. I'm very excited to be a part of this "Ambassador" team to raise the visibility for the meeting to those on social media. Even though #aafpCOD is the official hashtag for the Congress of Delegates part of the meeting, I will be using #AAFP2014 on twitter and instagram.
  • Starting The Conversation of the 2015 National Conference of Constituency Leaders: The Spring AAFP Leadership meeting has been renamed and re-imagined. I hope to get people thinking and talking about that during this week. If you haven't already seen the Star Trek themed promotional video, check it out below!
NCCL In May of 2015! Celebrating 25 years of American Academy of Family Physicians leadership.