Social Media Soul Searching


Hope you can join me for the live podcast today, June 6, 2013 at Noon Eastern Daylight Time for Family Medicine Rocks Podcast Episode 307 for a show entitled, "Social Media Soul Searching."

Based on the feedback I have received already from this week's posts, this will probably be the most anticipated podcast in a long time. I have been doing some social media soul searching this week, and sometimes have written posts that are out of character, even for me. 

This month is my seventh anniversary of having a blog, and earlier this week, I shared what I thought was the worst and what was the best about Health Care Social Media. I really appreciate everyone's feedback on the blog content this week.

Today's podcast will go further into what I have written, and at the end of the podcast, I will have an announcement that you will not want to miss. Hope you can join me live for the show today. If not, you will be able to download the show and listen when you wish. Hope you enjoy today's program....