FamMedRocks Ep303 Wrap-up

During this most recent episode, I've been trying out some new audio equipment for a future project. So, we'll see what happens. I encourage you to check out Family Medicine Rocks Episode 303.

I'm very excited for next week's show in which I'll be interviewing the hosts of The Your Health Talk Podcast. These are medical students from the Kansas City area who write, produce, and direct these podcast episodes. This will be a Live Show at 11am on Thursday, May 16, 2013 on the Family Medicine Rocks podcast.

In addition on episode 303, I talk about a future podcast where I am the person being interviewed. I invite you to check out The Just Talking Podcast with host Chris. The podcast will be released later this month. Then, Chris will be a guest on my podcast and we'll give you a behind the scenes of our chat. That will be fun.

Don't forget to subscribe to the Family Medicine Rocks podcast on iTunes. You can also directly download Episode 303 right here. You can also listen in the player above. Also check me out on twitter, Facebook, youtube, and linked-in. Enjoy!