The Golden Rule Of Traveling

Photo on 4-10-13 at 5.00 PM.jpg

I'm on my way to speak at the Nebraska Academy of Family Physicians meeting about Social Media and Medicine. Unfortunately, Mother Nature got in the way yesterday with lots of volatile storms in my travel path, causing the delay and the canceling of flights across the country (including my flights).

Traveling is definitely an exercise in patience, especially with the gate agents who have to rebook your flight. I mean, hey, it's not their fault about plane mechanical problems and about bad weather in your region. Give them a break people! If you treat them with respect, you will receive that in return (and it doesn't hurt to share that on social media)

Which got me thinking: this is a great analogy for work and for life. I remember when I was a medical student and as a Family Medicine Intern/Resident. One of the top pieces of advice what this: Treat the nurses extra nice, and you'll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

During your intern year, there are times when you feel like a very clueless new doctor. People are turning to you for answers, and you may not have them. Sometimes the intern, in a moment of stress (which happens often), turns to the medical student to ask a question or to confirm a thought.

It is moments like this when nursing staff can really save you. When you're a new doctor, there is nothing like turning to experienced individuals to help you learn - whether a senior resident physician, an attending physician, or a long time nurse. And if you treat your colleagues with respect, especially nursing staff, you will be surprised with how much people go "above and beyond" to help you out. This happens at work and this happens in life as well.

Today, I'm starting this traveling exercise all over again. In checking The Weather Channel, severe storms are expected again today. And, when I finally get to Omaha, I'm expecting a 30 degree temperature drop from where I'm sitting right now, and snow (yes snow still in April). Keep track of my travels on twitter, and wish me luck!