FamMedRocks Google Hangout

So, if you know me, you know I'm not afraid to fail. HA! I've never done a Google Hangout, until tonight! I will be joined by my pals and Family Physicians - Dr. Gerry Tolbert and Dr. Kim Yu. We're going to have a discussion on a variety of topics including the following:

  1. Why Family Medicine Needs To Embrace Social Media
  2. Today's Politico Health Care Event talking about Scope of Practice
  3. Last week's Match Day 2013 Results and What It Means
  4. The recent broadcasts of the Escape Fire film on CNN
  5. Whatever else comes up

Factoring in technical difficulties, the Family Medicine Rocks Google Hangout should be up and running around 9pm Eastern Time at this link. Don't worry, I'll record the thing and make it available on my youtube page.

Yes, it would be helpful if you're already on Google+ so that you have the ability to leave comments and make fun of us. If this works, then I may have other Google Hangouts on Family Medicine and Primary Care topics. We'll see what happens!