Family Medicine & Match Day 2013


Here's why you should listen to Family Medicine Rocks Podcast Episode 298: My guest, medical student Michael B Moore, took his medical school entrance exam (MCAT) in Qatar in the middle east while serving in the US Army. Yes, really. Mike shares this story along with other pre-medical school stories during the first half of the podcast.

If you haven't figured it out, Mike is who you would call a non-traditional student. While in the Army, he was encouraged to go to Physician Assistant school. And, if you're wondering, yes, Mike shares his thoughts on the role of mid-level providers on the patient care team.

Other topics we discussed include why he chose an osteopathic (DO) medical school versus an allopathic (MD) medical school, the shortcomings of medical education, and his thoughts on the match process. Our last part of the conversation talks about geeky topics like his interest in NASA tweet ups and being a TedX organizer.

In the video above, Mike shares why he believes that Family Medicine needs to embrace Social Media. Following my chat with Mike, I share some thoughts of my own Match Day years ago.

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