The Ted Epperly, MD Interview


Thanks to Ted Epperly, MD for being my guest on Family Medicine Rocks Episode 276 to talk about his book "Fractured: America's Broken Health Care System and What We Must Do To Heal It." Unlike other health care policy books in this category, this is an easy read that simplifies many of the complicated issues on this topic. Please write a review on the book at the amazon page and the goodreads page (I'll include my review on those site soon)

From a behind the scenes standpoint, I was very nervous going into this interview. And you could tell that it took me about 20 minutes to ease into things. The 2nd half of the interview (at least for me) had better flow than the first part of the chat. And, Dr. Epperly is a natural who has done dozens of interviews, which really help settle me as the interviewer.

One of the center pieces of our chat is talking about the Patient Centered Medical Home. We also talked about the system needs to reward higher quality care instead of volume based care, and how patients should also be emotionally invested and financially incentivized to value higher quality personal wellness.

To close the interview, I asked about the process by which he put the book together and he talked about the people who helped him edit the book into its current form. I also asked if he considered running for public office, and he gave a great answer to that.

In the video above, you'll see his closing comments of our interview giving advice on action steps that patients, physicians, and govermental entities should do. You can always listen to the entire audio podcast below, or download the entire audio podcast here.

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