Partnership With Patients Summit


Last weekend, patients and patient advocates gathered for a three day event entitled The Partnership With Patients Summit. The evening of Day One was The Walking Gallery (which I still have to see in person for myself one of these days). Day Two was a long day with a fabulous set of speakers (one of which I will highlight below) and ended with the always fun Ignite format of presentations. I didn't know why the hashtag for day two was #cinderblocks, but reading here, I learned why. Day three was Health Camp Kansas City.

One of the speakers on Day Two was a Family Doc who calls himself Dr. Neu and is @NeuCare on twitter. W Ryan Neuhofel, DO is from Lawrence, Kansas and his practice is called NeuCare Family Medicine. The tweets from his presentation are below. As discussed on a previous podcast, it looks like Dr. Neu also practices in the model of Direct Primary Care. We definitely need more and more trailblazers like this. I have never met this physician in person, but it would be interesting for me to interview this innovative Family Physician on the podcast (hint, hint).

At the top of this post, you'll see an interesting metric from the past weekend's meeting. If you wanted to learn how to do twitter at this meeting right, we'll this was the meeting to be at. The number that should stick out to you is Seven Million Impressions on social media. (What's an impression? Click here.)

One other thing I wanted to point out was that look who was number three in impressions (if you can't see the graphic, I was number three in impressions), and I wasn't even on site at the meeting. Now, I know that was because of the number of twitter followers I have. But still, think about the impact and internet reach your meeting could have, even by people who are not on site with you.

Oh, and by the way, guess actually how many people were on site for the meeting. How about this? Organizers tell me that there were about 70 people for about 7,000,000 impressions. Do the math people. We'll see if today's E-Patient Connections Conference (hashtag #epatcon) in Philadelphia can keep up - Hehe. Enjoy the tweets from Dr. Neu's presentation below. Have a great week!