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I'm excited to welcome Rob Lamberts, MD (otherwise known as @doc_rob on twitter) on the podcast for Family Medicine Rocks Episode 277 LIVE at 8pm Eastern Time Tonight on BlogTalkRadio.

On his new website, Doctor Rob announces that he is leaving is primary care group to create a solo practice using a model of care called "Direct Care." This has also been called "Direct Primary Care" or "Direct Medicine." This quote is from his website.

Direct care has several things that define it as such

  1. Insurance is not accepted
  2. Patients pay a monthly subscription fee for access
  3. Office visits are free or very low cost
  4. Patients have much more access to their doctor via phone, internet, or immediate appointment availability
  5. The number of patients is kept relatively small 

During tonight's program, I'll be asking him the process by which he made this decision to start his own solo practice. In addition, you may have read about this different model of practice that is starting to pop up out there in America. I am in what is considered a traditional patient practice model right now, and I have many questions about the logistics of how something like this would work.

Doctor Rob was my first guest on the old Doctor Anonymous Show podcast. Just for fun, I have included the audio player for Show Number 5 below which took place five years ago this month. Doctor Rob was calling in from a medical conference, and I mainly asked him about blogging back then. This five year old show is a great looking glass into where medical social media was back then. Download Show Number 5 here.

So, I hope you can listen to our conversation tonight, Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 8pm Eastern Time on Blogtalkradio for Family Medicine Rocks Episode 277. As always, if you cannot listen live, you can download the archived podcast later and listen anytime. Hope you can join us!

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Download Doctor Anonymous Show 5 Here