Deconstructing @BurbDoc


In the twitter medicine world, @BurbDoc is one of the most intriguing, yet polarizing individuals out there. I really should not be posting this essay because of the e-mails that I received today about my previous post. A lot of people out there viciously defend what @BurbDoc does, which I find very interesting.

What really was interesting to me was the tweet about "gallows humor" and venting. For those who don't know, I was anonymous once out here on the internet as @DoctorAnonymous. So, I definitely understand and lived that point of view.

Shifting to today's @BurbDoc tweets, they are below courtesy of storify. Even though it was on twitter, the tweets was essentially a long blog post - 140 characters at a time. I saw this unfold in real time today. And, if you don't know anything about "Meaningful Use," the one thing that you are able to gather is that it is a bunch of "clicks."

So, do I think @BurbDoc is all bad - Well no. Do I think that @BurbDoc is all good - Well no. (I welcome all the hate mail that you're going to send me - HA!). I do think that @BurbDoc is a real doctor (not a fake), on the west coast of the US (guess), who is finding a unique way of self-expression. Once you cut through the cussing and the thick sarcasm, there is painful truth there about our broken health care system. Am I wrong? Let me know :)