#AAFPNC 2012: Day Zero


My adventure for the 2012 AAFP National Conference of Family Medicine Residents & Medical Students has already begun. So, I had morning office hours. And, I knew that I was pushing things a little bit by having office hours. But, it was just that, on the list of patients, there were some folks that I really needed to see and I did not want to cancel their appointments. And naturally, I ran late, because I talk too much and I listen too much. But, that's how I roll as a Family Physician :)

So, I left the office an hour late, and I didn't make my flight - which lead to the picture above at the airport. I was in no hurry today anyway. My flight was reschedued tonight, and I'll still get there in plenty of time for my presentation tomorrow (see video below).

Something I am looking forward to is the Opening Session on Thursday night which has a superhero theme. Dr. Jay Lee has already written an essay talking about "the origin story" in his essay "Our #FMRevolution Olympics Moment." The Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians has raised the superhero bar with the introduction of Captain Pennsylvania (pictured below).


I have boldly predicted that this will be the most social media connected meeting EVAH for medical students and Family Medicine Residents. The twitter stream for the hashtag #AAFPNC is already hopping. In my observation, there is not too much spam on this hashtag - yet. (I warn the AAFP itself in posting too much to its own hashtag. I'm afraid that they'll drive people away and have people create their own "unofficial hashtags." Just saying) As people learn more about the #AAFPNC hashtag, unfortunately, I predict more advertising and spam from exhibit hall vendors and less real communication. Hopefully, I'll be proven wrong on this.

Finally, thanks again to Diana Tucci and Aaron Meyer for being on the podcast last night. Check out Family Medicine Rocks 266 in the player below, or you can download mp3 here. We had an especially great chat about Family Medicine advocacy and why medical students should be involved in advocacy work. I hope to record A LOT of interviews on site (when I finally get there) so that I can bring the meeting out to you. Stay tuned!

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