FamMedRocks Ep262 Preview


I'm happy to welcome Dr. Conrad Flick to Family Medicine Rocks Episode 262 which will take place Tonight LIVE at 7pm Eastern Time on the BlogTalkRadio network. Dr. Flick is a Family Physician and a member of the AAFP Board of Directors from Cary, North Carolina. 

Dr. Flick and I will be discussing his recent essay in the AAFP Leader Voices Blog: "Working With Others Key to Successfully Transforming Our Practices" which has to do with the transformation of the current model of medical practices to the Patient Centered Medical Home. Here is an excerpt from his essay...

Good partners can make all the difference when transforming a practice. For example, one of the family physicians in my practice, Andrew Drabick, MD was so concerned about the obesity problem in our community the he led our efforts to open a weight loss clinic. Many of our patients found the extra help they needed, and we added an important revenue stream.

One of my other partners, Stephen Moore, MD, is passionate about practicing family medicine, but he has little desire to be involved in the business of medicine. Stephen puts his trust in others to make sure we are running a sound business. I also love being a family physician, but I have the interest in business that my partner lacks. Together, we provide balance to a practice that has expanded three times in a little more than five years.

If you haven't already checked it out, I also invite you to check out last week's show with Dr. Reid Blackwelder talking about Advocacy, Family Medicine Residents, and medical students. I hope you can join us at 7pm Eastern Time Tonight for Family Medicine Rocks Episode 262 with Dr. Conrad Flick.