2013 NCSC Convener: Kim Yu

Last week at the AAFP NCSC meeting, Kim Yu, MD was elected to be the 2013 Conference Chair/Convener. Something I already mentioned in a previous post was that the AAFP recorded videos during the meeting including many of the nominating speeches and business sessions. In the video above, Dr. Yu gives her fabulous speech describing her NCSC story and why she wanted to be elected the 2013 Conference Chair/Convener. 

  • "NCSC has such a special place in my heart and has been pivotal in shaping my career since my first NCSC eleven years ago...."
  • "As Family Physicians, we have the privilege of hearing people's stories. I'd like to tell you my story about how NCSC helped me find my voice, follow my dream, and discover how diverse Family Physicians really are..."
  • "NCSC changed an inspired me to make the first step in living the life I dreamed of being the physician I dreamed of making a difference in my patient's lives, my community, and beyond. And that we as Family Physicians can affect change in the Academy and our whole country..."
  • "This is the family that is NCSC. The family that not only allowed me to grow roots, but spread my wings and fly. I've been honored to be part of the history of NCSC..."
  • "I know that you will make memories and friendships here that will last a lifetime. I have. I hope that you will too be inspired to dream big and take that enthusiasm back to the people that you serve..."
  • "I challenge you to keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground, to have radical ideas to lead the Academy and to inspire other Family Physicians. Enjoy the wild ride that you will take over the next few days...." 

I also encourage you to check out my exclusive interview with Dr. Yu that was recorded before the 2012 conference on my internet radio show where we talked about her quest to become the 2013 conference chair. You can download the podcast here or listen in the player below. Don't forget to follow me on twitter, "like" the facebook page, and subscribe to my podcast on itunes. Enjoy!

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