NCSC Convener 9pET Tonight

I invite you to join me Tonight at 9pm Eastern Time when Dr. Jay Lee, 2012 NCSC Convener, will be my guest on Family Medicine Rocks Podcast Episode 255. In the video above, we discuss the NCSC Plenary Speaker, Dr. Gayle Stephens. I did not know that Jay himself made the pitch directly to Dr. Stephens to talk at this year's NCSC meeting. The story above is amazing. I will reveal our entire chat including other topics tonight.

In addition to our conversation about #ncsc12 and #FMRevolution, I'll also be sharing the musical stylings of the group Revolve on the show tonight. Revolve will be bringing their music to Kansas City to exclusively play at this week's AAFP NCSC/ALF meeting later this week.

Finally, I will be making a HUGE announcement during the course of the show tonight about an exclusive interview that I will be playing on Wednesday morning's podcast. It will be a groundbreaking and a historic chat. You have to tune in tonight to find out what that will be. Are you feeling the excitement? NCSC begins in 2 days...