Why #FMRevolution Matters

Had a great show last night with Dr. Michelle Quiogue who talked about saving the Family Medicine Residency program in Bakersfield, California. I encourage you to download the entire audio podcast and listen more about Family Medicine Rocks Episode 246.

At the end of the show, I had the closing monologue in the video above. We need more positive stories like this one in the Family Medicine community. This #FMRevolution that you see out there on twitter is not only about a twitter hashtag.

To me, #FMRevolution is about spreading the word about Family Medicine. Social media has the power to bring together people from across this nation and around the world. Family Medicine has the data that we give high quality patient care at a lower cost. The Patient Centered Medical Home is the model by which we have this data.

For too long, Family Medicine has let other people tell our story. If Family Docs cannot be advocates for themselves, then who will? Ever since I started in social media (almost) 6 years ago, it has always been my goal to help spread the message of Family Medicine. If you are a Family Doc and have a story to tell that impacts your patients and your community, I'd love to hear about it. Have a great week everybody!