#CPI12: Risk Stratified Care Management

This is a second in a multi-part series talking about last week's Conference on Practice Improvement organized by the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine and American Academy of Family Physicians. The previous post talked about the pre-conference sessions.

In the video above, I talked with Dr. Bruce Bagley from and AAFP specifically talking about the idea of Risk Stratified Care Management and why that is important in a Patient Centered Medical Home system. In addition, the AAFP just released a new RSCM Assessment tool last week to help assist clinicians in this process, and you can access that at

Dr. Bagley is even on twitter, tweeted during the meeting, and even attended our social media session. How cool is that? In the next few days, I'll be writing more blog posts and sharing more videos that I recorded at last week's #CPI12 meeting. Enjoy!