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Primary Care Clinician Interview

Last fall, while at the American Academy of Family Physicians Scientific Assembly, I was interviewed by about Family Medicine and Social Media. Above is a link to that interview entitied, "Entering the Brave New World Of Social Media."

As technology advances, social media is becoming more and more versatile and no longer used for merely just socializing. Electronic mail and secure websites present physicians with an alternative means to communicate with their patients, with the potential to simplify administrative tasks and maximize efficiency. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and podcasts are other avenues physicians can use to provide their patient population with news and information about their practice. Dr. Sevilla, family physician and author of, discusses the potential for social media in the family practice and the challenges associated with sharing information on the World Wide Web.

It was really kind of weird because I did my talk at the meeting, and then, I did the interview below with Family Practice News, then I got in a cab, went to the conference hotel, and then did the interview with Primary Care Clinician above. Was definitely a good time!