Kansas #pcmh Day One

Today starts the Kansas Patient Centered Medical Home Initiative Summit. In the video above from yesterday's podcast (you can also download the episode below), I give a preview of the meeting. Last night, there was a really fun tweet up at a local restaurant. I got to meet people from across the medical spectrum incliuding health professionals, patients, tech people, etc. Again, thanks to the Kansas PCMHI folks for the invite to attend.

What I'll be looking forward to hearing today are stories about how Kansas is delivering high quality health care, and a cheaper price, wiith higher patient satisfaction. Another aspect that is exciting to me is the use of technology during this meeting - especially social media. Did you know that this meeting is totally paperless - even no name tags? Wow. That'll be a really interesting dynamic to see how that works out.

We'll be tweeting out during the meeting using the hashtag #pcmh. I'll also be posting to the Family Mediicne Rocks facebook page, as well as my Google Plus account. I'm also going to try to use the coveritlive technology to try to capture the #pcmh tweets below. This is really going to be fun today & tomorrow!


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