#AAFP 2011 Prezo: Family Medicine & Social Media


I have to admit that I'm really nervous right now. I mean, I've been doing this Family Medicine & Social Media talk all year to various groups. But tomorrow, everything gets more serious. Why? Because this will be the largest conference that I have presented at - the American Academy of Family Physicians Annual Scientific Assembly. From a professional standpoint, I have dreamed of presenting at this conference.

For those of you on site, the presentations will be (tomorrow), Wednesday, September 13, 2011 at the convention center at 9am and 12pm in room W231A. Apologies to those of you attending the AAFP Congress of Delegates meeting as my sessions overlap. However, I have been told that my session will be audio recorded and available at some point.

This might sound really bad, but I feel like that I have been kind of prepping this talk the entire year. Trying out some slides, some phrases, some gestures, and other things. Letting things go of what doesn't work and keeping what does work.

You'll see above the slides that I will use (probably). You'll also see that it won't mean much because I use A LOT of pictures and not a lot of text. The other thing too is that I'll probably delete this presentation in a few days, because there are A LOT of copyrighted images in this slide set, and I don't exactly have permission to use them. So, check it out before it's gone!

If you want to see an earlier draft of this presentation, I encourage you to check out this link for when this presentation was given in April 2011 at the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine meeting in New Orleans, and in June 2011 when it was given at the New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians annual meeting. Or, even all the way back almost a year ago at the Family Medicine Education Consortium meeting. Enjoy!