I'm At The Indiana AFP Meeting


Good morning from French Lick, Indiana and the hotel, convention center, and casino that are here. What a beautiful location for the Indiana Academy of Family Physicians Annual Convention! I'm going to be speaking here later today on the topic of (what else) Social Media and Family Medicine. What they don't know yet is that I've changed some of my slides and I'm going to be trying out a presentation that will also be at the American Academy of Family Physicians (big) Scientific Assembly meeting in September. So, we'll see how that goes.

I'll also be tweeting out during the meeting using the #IAFPac hashtag. Don't forget to follow their twitter account as well @INFamDocs. According to their website, other topics today include the Patient Centered Medical Home, Accountable Care Organizations, and clinical topics as well. As with other state chapter organizations for FamMed, they also had a business session where potential resolutions were discussed and possibly forwarded to the national organization.

An interesting tweet that came out yesterday from our friend Dr. Kevin Bernstein which stated that "AAFP to implement updated AAFP Social Media Strategy. Stay tuned!" Additionally, our friend Dr. Russell Kohl not only tweeted out this, "interesting to watch twitter feeds of AAFP members while discussing if we should do twitter. Seems like an answered question," he also put together a creative you tube video below simply entitled "I Need A Family Doctor." Is this an effective way to use social media for advocacy? Leave your comment below....