Ohio State Broadcasts Live Knee Surgery


In my twitter stream this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see my friend Ryan Squire, otherwise known as @OSUSquire on twitter, talking about a live knee surgery taking place at Ohio State University Medical Center. He even tweeted out that on of their physicians was going to try to answer some questions via twitter using the hastag #osumcmako. Great job Ohio State!

Now, certainly, this is not the first live streamed surgery ever, but it's great seeing more and more hospitals utilizing social media for live broadcasts like this. (for example, according to their twitter stream, this was the first live tweeting of a surgery in the state of Ohio)

Above, is the ustream live link (fyi, there is a pre-roll ad before you can see the actual live stream). They also put the live video on their facebook page. Hopefully, they will save their broadcast to be reviewed later by those who were not able to catch it live. Kudos OSU!

Addendum: Here is another story about this from MedCity News.