This Week's #FamMedChat & Podcast

This week's #FamMedChat will take place tonight (Wednesday, May 4, 2011) at 9pm Eastern Time with Mark Ryan @RichmondDoc being the moderator. Who knows what the questions will be? You'll have to check out the chat tonight to see what happens. We've had great participation for the first couple of chats.

In addition, the Family Medicine Rocks Podcast Episode 8 will take place on Thursday, May 5, 2011 at 7pm Eastern Daylight Time on BlogTalkRadio. Don't worry if you cannot listen live, as you can listen to the show afterward on the archived podcast.

In addition to the Family Medicine news from the past week, I'll be talking about the American Academy of Family Physicians Annual Leadership Forum and National Conference of Special Constituencies. I'll also be wrapping up my time at the Annual Spring Conference at the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine meeting in New Orleans. Hope you can join us for the chat and for the show this week!