FamMedRocks Ep11: Twitter Professionalism

I gotta be honest with you in that Family Medicine Rocks podcast number 11 was one of the most exhausting - not only to prepare for - but to actually do. I know and have come to know so many people on both sides of this twitter professionalism issue. What's great (and what's tragic at the same time) is that people really made passionate points of view - and in general, pretty good points all around.

The show prep included reviewing a bunch of blog posts and tweets including doctor_v (part 1 and part 2), shadowfax (part 1 and part 2), mdchatskepticemia, angry pharmacist, residency notes, hl7standards, kevinmd, seattlemamadoc, gutcheck, healthcareinc, TBTAM - and many, many others.

The first half of the show, I review (hopefully fairly) each side of the argument. The 2nd half of the show, I made my own comments starting with how it was to initially be an anonymous blogger talking about patients (yes, I talked about patients initially). I shared my evolution to no longer being anonymous.

The video above is the last 10 minutes of the show where I challenge the medical social media community on some issues. I won't write them here, because the video shows my emotion on these points better than these text words. Thanks to DrSnit for the pleasant early review of the show. You can download and/or listen to the show on the link below. Have a great Memorial Day weekend everybody!


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