Live Streaming Match Day

Thursday, March 17th, 2011 will be a HUGE day in the mind of many medical students who will be graduating later this year. Why? Because this is the day that they will find out where they will be going for their residency training beginning in July.

I remember my Match Day all those years ago (hehe). I have to admit that I was kind of stressed out going to the medical school that day. For most med students, the next chapter of their lives will be started on Match Day. Next steps after this will be finding a place to live near their residency hospital and continuing their medical training.

Over the last couple of years, I have found on the internet that some schools are live streaming their Match Day ceremonies. During these ceremonies, medical students announce to their class, their family, their professors - and now the internet - where they will be going.

I'd like to thank the University of South Florida for reaching out to me and sending me an e-mail to talk about their Match Day ceremonies in which they will be broadcasting live on the internet on facebook and ustream. I think they did this last year, and the emotions just jumped through the screen.

It is my bold prediction that, not this year, but next year - 2012 - that it will be common practice for medical schools to live video stream their Match Day ceremonies. But, for this year, other than USF, does anyone out there know of other med schools doing this? Leave a comment down below....