Reed Smith Interview


Reed Smith is a social media consultant and someone I met during the Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit and Social Media Residency. We had a great chat during the week and he's trying to get me to come down next spring to SXSW. I was honored to be asked to be Expert Interview #6 on his site. Here was the most intriguing question of the bunch... 

Q: In your field what has been the biggest win for social media and new technologies?

I have been doing a lot of speaking engagements to Family Physician organizations on the topic of social media this year. In the Family Medicine community, 2011 has really been the tipping point for use of social media.

My professional association, the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), really embraced social media this year even to the point where the AAFP President has a twitter account (@AAFPPrez), a Facebook fan page, and a leadership blog on the AAFP website. “The Prez” even dubbed me ”The King Of Family Medicine Social Media” at the annual meeting this year. He’s joking, of course. But, it’s always fun for me to tell my friends this. HA!

Thanks Reed for the interview. And, hey, maybe I will show up next year for the 2012 SXSW extravangaza!