Kansas PCMH 2011 Wrap-up

In the video above, you'll see a vid that I pieced together to give you my impressions of last weekend's Kansas Patient Centered Medical Home Summit (Thanks to Tony Wood for the additional video). I know that I'm making it too simplistic a description, but PCMH is team based care with many medical professionals with the physician the leader of the team and the patient at the center of the care. Check out a good description of PCMH from the TransforMED site.

Perhaps the best sessions of the Kansas PCMH summit were the ones with patients presenting. In the video above, you'll hear segments of two patient stories. And you'll hear the frustrations that they have/are going through in dealing with this broken health care system.

Additionally in the video above, there is a segment where April Foreman utilized twitter following the Joplin tornado to get the word out before the first responders could get on the ground there. In the closing session of the conference, Dr. Kellerman stated that this meeting was "historic" and he expresses them at the end of the video above.

Finally, I will be sharing more thoughts from last weekend's Kansas PCMH meeting on my Family Medicine Rocks podcast episode 20 which will be on Thursday, October 6, 2011  - Live - at 2pm Eastern Time. Even if you cannot join me live, you'll have the opportunity to download the episode later and listen anytime. 

Thanks to Lisa Roberts and the folks at the Kansas PCMH Initiative. It was also really cool to meet people like @DocForeman, @adwww, @sharlac78, and @KansasPCMH. I hope to write more about this meeting in the future as well...