Dr. A Show 201 Wrap-Up: Future of Family Medicine Blog

Thanks so much to the medical student authors of the Future of Family Medicine blog for being guests on Doctor Anonymous Show 201 last week. Not only have they been featured on KevinMD, but they have also been recently featured on the website Opposing Views for their post called "Is Family Medicine A Waste Of Talent For New Doctors?"

Now, I know I should not be biased, but I can't help it. I'm really hoping that you vote for the Future of Family Medicine blog in the Medgadget Medblog Awards. They are in the Best New MedBlog category. Voting starts on January 27. Vote early and vote often LOL

In the video above, I ask each of the three co-authors about the blog and about their path toward medical school in the first place. You can listen to the entire audio podcast in the sidebar of this blog. You can also go to the show's iTunes page, download Show 201 and listen anytime. I also encourage you to check out the show's Facebook page and hit the "Like" button at the top. Finally, if you enjoyed this video, I invite you to check out my YouTube page for more. Thanks for stopping by!