Show 185 Wrap-up

I know that I did not do any kind of promotion of Doctor Anonymous Show 185. This was mainly because I know the only person interested in the show was me. This was in follow up of show 178 where I talked about my medical school and their proposed name change. This does not affect any of you out there, and I know that most of you out there don't care about this topic.

But, since this is my blog and my podcast show, I chose to talk about it. Hours before the show, there was a meeting at the medical school to talk about it and answer questions. And if you're curious about the "press conference" style presentation, I encourage you to go to the med school website where the event was live streamed to the internet (don't wait too long since the med school will not keep this link up for ever)

I won't bore you with the details of the meeting here in the blog post. I basically summarize things during Show 185. You can listen to the show in the player on the sidebar. You can also go to the show's iTunes page to download the show and listen for yourself. I also encourage you to check out the Facebook page for the show. Have a great weekend everybody!

Addendum: I encourage you to check out my five part series on this topic including "Why It Matters," "The Response," "Name Change," "The Podcast", and "Show 185 Wrap-Up."