Dr. A Show 176 Preview

August 2010 is student month on The Doctor Anonymous Show! This week, Doctor Anonymous Show 176 welcome Pre-Med student and blogger Erin Breedlove. Her blog is called "Healthy, Unwealthy, & Becoming Wise: Follow A Pre-Medical Student On Her Journey To Become A Doctor."

In addition to the challenges of being a college student trying to get into medical school, Erin has the diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy which she clearly talks about in her blog including the post called "Cerebral Palsy: What It Isn't"

All too often, as a college and pre-medical student with cerebral palsy, I’m asked what cerebral palsy is, but no one ever seems too concerned with what it isn’t, and to me, that’s the most important part.

Too many assumptions and stereotypes plague the world of chronic health than do the positives, the abilities of patients, and the strength of their families. I’ll do you a favor. Let’s explore a few things that cerebral palsy isn’t, and I think that by doing that, you’ll find that you’ll know exactly what the diagnosis means!

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