Ragweed Pollen Season

I don't know about you, but my allergies have been really acting up on me lately. Well, maybe not this week since it's been cooler. But, last week, my eyes were watering, my nose was running, and my lungs were wheezing (kind of). But, for the first two weeks of August, I had a lot of my patients complaining of their allergy symptoms getting worse. And, for some people, their asthma was getting worse as well.

The local TV station called me last week during the beginning of Ragweed Pollen Season and asked me to talk about it. They were kind enough to come to my office to talk to be for about 10 minutes. But, when you see the edited report above, you'll see that I only got about 45 seconds. The other thing that I learned about local TV news is that they like to recycle stories during a 24 hour news cycle. So, in addition to the initial report, you'll see in the video, the same story used again at the 5pm, 6pm, 11pm, 5am, and noon news. So, I thought that was interesting.

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