After getting back from dinner tonight, I was just channel surfing and found the a show on A&E television called "Obsessed" - whose 2nd season started tonight. The show shares stories from people who have mental health issues like obsessive/compulsive disorder, panic disorder, and other anxiety-type disorders.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to catch the show from the start of the episode. But, what I saw was definitely powerful and gripping television. You hear from the patient, their families, along with the professional whom they are working. I thought that the stories were packaged well and in a fair light. I'll be curious to see more of this show.

During the course of watching this show tonight, there are a couple of thoughts that I had. First, I was thinking that even back in college, there was a very negative stigma toward people with mental health issues - both in real life, along with in the media like on television or in movies. But, in the past few years, I believe that the stigma has been changing has the public has learned not only about the diagnoses, but also the stories behind the diagnoses.

The second thought that I had was about the people who are profiled in these stories. I ask myself what would motivate people to be on a show like this - especially this one. I mean, the people with these diagnoses have anxiety. Yet, they agree to be on national television which in some people, would cause even more anxiety. It's just interesting to me. What do you think about these last two thoughts?