Live from #aafpncsc

So, I'm going to try something that has never been tried before (that I'm aware of) at the National Conference of Special Constituencies meeting in Kansas City by the American Academy of Family Physicians. At times during the meeting, I'm going to go live with a video feed to update all of you what is going on.

The main limiting thing will be the bandwidth issue. And, I have to caution you right now that the laptop camera & mic (maybe even trying out from the iPhone) I'll be using won't be that high quality. But, it's better than nothing. (BTW, if you're talking about the meeting, don't forget to use the #aafpncsc tag in your twitter updates)

When will I go live? Well, the best way to know is to subscribe to my twitter feed as I will "tweet out" when I will go live with the video stream. To assist you to in making snarky comments, I've also placed a chat box. But, you need to register with the Ustream.TV site before you can chat. Sorry about that. Hope this sucker works!

Update: I tried to go live when I was at the airport and that was a big fail. I then tried at the hotel lobby and there seemed to be a problem there. I'm gonna keep trying, but it doesn't look good. Oh well....