Show 159 Preview: Brandice

Hope you can join me for Doctor Anonymous Show 159 when our good friend Brandice (pictured to the left above) will be returning back to the show. Among her many hats that she wears, she is an author, and she was a guest on Dr. A Show 114 to talk about her book called "Columbus Groove." Check out the show in the player below. Or, if you like, you can download the show here and listen at any time.

On Brandice's blog, she has a posted entitled "Social Work: I'm Not A Baby Snatcher." In this post, she shared that she has a Masters Degree in Social Work - Cool! She is currently working in a hospital with patients who have psychiatric and mental health diagnoses. She and I have talked on a number of occasions of our interest in mental health care and the importance of a team approach - which include social workers and physicians.

So, in addition to this, we'll be catching up to see how her book is doing - AND - her recent purchase of the Apple iPad. I hope you can join us for the discussion on Thursday, April 15th, 2010 at 9pm Eastern Time (0100 UTC) for The Doctor Anonymous Show. Don't forget to become a Facebook Fan of the show! (And, check out the video promo below) Hope you're having a great week!