SuperBowl XLIV Commercials

I really had no loyalties going into the game - meaning I really didn't care who won - other than it was a competitive game. While following twitter during the game, I would occasionally glance up and see the SuperBowl commercials.

As predicted before the game by tech pundits, Google for the first time had an ad which most people on twitter liked, but I did not. Oh well. And ad which really snuck under the radar, and will probably get a lot of discussion on the day after the superbowl will be the Letterman/Leno/Oprah awkward looking but entertaining 15 second ad.

During the first half of the game, there were two ads which I thought were very funny. One was from career builder and the other was from dockers. Maybe it's just my silly mind, but I thought it was very funny that the theme of these ads had to do with being pantless. Why? I don't know. Now, the song below by the group The Poxy Boggards is repeating in my mind. The title? "I Wear No Pants" - Just hilarious....